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Here are the National Averages for Paintless Dent Repair

$ Income Potential.






Average Repair Charge---------------------------------------------- $ 100.00

Average Time to Complete a Repair is ----------------------- : One Hour

Hypothetical Number or Repairs per Day is----------------- : 5

Hypothetical Revenue Generated per Day is---------------- $ 500.00

Weekly Revenue is ( Based on a 5 Day work week ) ----- $ 2500.00

Average Revenue per year is ( Based on 52 weeks ) ---- $ 130.000.00











Training Class.

The PDR Training Class Starts with a Demonstration and the proper way to Read the PDR light, then you will go through the Accuracy Exercises and Tool Location Exercises, throughout the course you will learn the proper accessing points on panels and different techniques using different style tools.


Limited class size for plenty of one on one instruction and Training.


Training Promise.

If you do not feel confident with what you have learned, you are welcome to join the next PDR training class at no cost to you!


Money Back Promise.

If you feel for any reason by the end of the second day of training and you are not completely satisfied with the training course and decide that PDR is not for you 100% of your money will be refunded.

Everyone learns dent repair at their own pace and with personalized attention all students are guaranteed the highest quality of training.

The confidence we have in our dent repair training course has and will always be guaranteed.

By the last day of class, students Should be well into the 80% range of removing dents.

We know the importance of a small class and it is a must for individual attention, the other is an experienced and highly qualified instructor with lots of hands on training.

One on one attention is a must for the proper instruction of the PDR trade.


Training Class Overview.

1. Paintless Dent Repair Training Demonstration

2. Reading the Paintless Dent Repair Light

3. Accuracy Exercises

4. Drag & Push Process

5. Tool Location Exercises

6. Paintless Dent Repair Hammer & Tap Down Use

7. Pressure & Release Process

8. Crown Removal

9. Door Dings

10. Large Dent Repair

11. Creased & Pressure Dents

12. Hail Damage

13. Dent Repair With No DRILLING

14. Location of Bracing and Air Bags

15. Accessing the Dents on Vehicles

16. Training Using the Glue Pulling system

17. Training on Aluminum Panels

18. Estimating Door Dings, Dents & Hail Damage


If you have the Desire to become a Successful Paintless Dent Repair Technician and Business Owner,

we want to help you Achieve your Dream!


Call Today! (210) 685-0856







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